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Six Zero Cleaning Rubber (1 pc)

Six Zero Cleaning Rubber (1 pc)

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Make your paddle looking NEW with Six Zero’s Cleaning Rubber.  

This special rubber product cleans textured surfaces.  The rubber prevents extensive build up of ball fibers and debris, and keeps your paddle looking like new to maximize spin potential.

**Six Zero's Cleaning Rubber is designed for use on all "Raw Textured Carbon" faced paddles including our Diamond Series and Infinity Series paddles.  Apply light pressure and use gentle up and down strokes on your paddle face to remove accumulated debris.

Please DO NOT use Cleaning Rubbers on "Painted Grit" textured paddles such as our Sapphire.  We DO NOT recommend using a cleaning rubber on the Ruby as it may pull out small Kevlar® tufts.  Six Zero will take no liability in improper use of cleaning rubbers. 

 (Item price is for a single unit)

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