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Six zero - Black Diamond Power

Six zero - Black Diamond Power

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Black Diamond Power: The Ultimate Spin and Power

A trailblazing raw composite paddle crafted for players seeking an extraordinary blend of power and spin. This paddle boasts a textured surface engineered to provide exceptional spin control, ensuring that each shot you make is not only powerful but also precise. It's not just a paddle; it's a game-changer that's USA Pickleball approved.

Innovative Production Technology
The Black Diamond series is constructed using a sophisticated multi-stage molding process, alternating between cold and hot treatments to ensure superior quality and performance. This high-tech production process results in paddles that consistently deliver at the highest levels of the game.

Aerodynamic Flared Design
Designed to enhance your reach and streamline your play, the Black Diamond features a subtly flared shape that optimizes aerodynamics and expands the sweet spot. This design tweak ensures a more forgiving hit, enhancing the core strike zone for maximum effectiveness.

Premium Composite Textured Surface
In collaboration with material engineers, our Six Zero Team has developed a unique, premium Japanese composite textured surface. This advanced material offers incredible spin, unparalleled grip, and a satisfying feel on contact with the ball, while it's layered composition increases strength, adds power, and ensures a controlled pop.

Carbon Fusion Edge Technology
Our pioneering Carbon Fusion Edge Technology enhances the paddle’s durability, robustness, and responsiveness. A lightweight carbon frame fuses the paddle's top and bottom faces, enhancing the sweet spot and providing a tight, crisp feel that enhances your play.

Advanced Honeycomb Polymer Core
The 16mm thick, premium honeycomb polymer core is the powerhouse behind the paddle, perfectly balancing power and control to support enduring performance.

3D Carbon Forged Elongated Handle
The elongated handle, crafted through a 3D carbon forging process, extends the advanced material technology through the full length of the handle, enhancing strength and performance. This design minimizes vibration for a comfortable playing experience and responsive feedback. Ideal for players with a double backhand, the handle features a tapered design and a premium custom Six Zero perforated leather grip that comfortably fits all hand sizes.

Perfectly Balanced
Meticulous attention to balance and weight ensures optimal ergonomics, enhancing player comfort and control during intense play. This balance is crucial for maintaining stamina and precision through prolonged matches.

Exclusive Neoprene Cover
Each Black Diamond paddle comes with a custom Six Zero neoprene cover, protecting your equipment in style.

Distinctive Features
Each paddle is uniquely identified with a serial number, confirming its authenticity and premium status within the Black Diamond Series.

Elevate your game with the Black Diamond Power, where technology, design, and craftsmanship meet to create the ultimate pickleball experience.

Black Diamond Paddle Specifications

Feature Specification
Registered Approval Body USA Pickleball
Face Material Proprietary Japanese Raw Composite Material
Length 16.3” / 413mm
Width 7.5” to 7.7” / 192mm to 196mm
Core Thickness 0.63” / 16mm
Grip Length 5.5” / 140mm
Grip Circumference 4.125 - 4.25” / 104.5mm - 108mm
Average Weight 8.1oz +/- 0.2oz / 230gm +/- 10gm
Swing Weight 113
Twist Weight 6.8
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