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G.O.A.T. Pickleball

KTCHN Court Caddy Pickleball Bag

KTCHN Court Caddy Pickleball Bag

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The Meticulously Functional Pickleball Bag Built With Hundreds Of Players


1+ Year of R&D | 12 Design Revisions | 500+ Players Feedback | 200+ Design Hours | 40+ Hours Real World Testing

Looking for a Pickleball bag that meets the needs of serious players?

Meet the Court Caddy - The only Pickleball bag built from the ground up with a community of over 500 players to ensure it has everything you want for your Pickleball lifestyle and nothing you don't.


What's included?

  • Court Caddy Backpack - Built from the ground up for Pickleball 
  • Detachable Shoe Cube/Extra Storage Cube
  • Universal Magnetic Eyewear Case


Court Caddy Features

Shoe Cube Dimensions 5"D x 10"W x 14"H (~11.5L): The Shoe Cube is designed to fit up to size 15 men's shoes. It also acts as an extra storage compartment that can be attached to the outside of the bag or be placed in the front inside the Court Caddy.

Bag dimensions 8" D x 12" W x 20" H (30L): Compact, yet spacious, this pickleball backpack is designed with ideal dimensions to accommodate all of your gear without being overly bulky. The 30-liter capacity offers ample room for your essentials while maintaining a sleek, streamlined profile.

Premium Materials Used:

PU Leather - scratch-resistant, water-resistant, ultra-long lasting, durable, soft to the touch, and incredibly sleek looking.

Textured TPU Coated Nylon - Found on the bottom of the bag, this is the toughest and most lightweight material to stand the test of time on rough court surfaces that’s also waterproof  

Coated YKK Zippers - The most trusted, high-quality, durable, water-resistant, longest-lasting zipper brand in the world. We guarantee you won't be breaking these zippers.

Hypalon Zipper Pull Tabs - Ultra-tear proof and non-slip. Will last a lifetime.

Spandura lined back panel and shoulder straps - The best material for athletic wear and longevity but still soft to the touch.

Heavy-duty Nylon blend interior fabric - Ultra-durable, scratch-resistant, and tear-resistant.

Dry Weight: 5lbs

Patent Pending Rapid Grab Pickleball System: Our dual Rapid Grab Pickleball System makes grabbing pickleballs fast, fun, and easy and also gives a dedicated place for your pickleballs. No more rummaging through your bag just to find a ball.

pickleball should be paramount. This is why we created an easy-grab, secure magnetic protective case for whatever choice of eyewear you use while playing. 

Magnetic Universal Eyewear Case: Protecting your eyes while playing pickleball should be paramount. This is why we created an easy-grab, secure magnetic protective case for whatever choice of eyewear you use while playing. 

Ethically made by world-class sewers in Vietnam at a top 1% manufacturing facility: Where and how our products are made are extremely important. Cool designs and features mean nothing if the product doesn't hold up.

4 Dedicated Padded Paddle Sleeves: The Court Caddy features specialized compartments designed to securely hold up to four pickleball paddles with full paddle face coverage of standard paddles and elongated paddle shapes. Each compartment is lined with soft material and padded, providing individualized protection to prevent scratches or other damage to your paddles.

Padded Laptop Sleeve: Players who travel need a place to store a laptop. So we created a 15" laptop sleeve at the back of the Court Caddy to protect your laptop while traveling or on the go.

Dual Large 40+ Magnetic Bottle Pockets: Stay hydrated with the large, magnetic bottle pockets that can easily accommodate 40oz+ or 4-inch wide insulated bottles of your choice of brand. This unique feature ensures your water bottle stays firmly in place and is always within reach and looks sleek when not in use.

Designed With World-class Backpack Designer: We never settle, and that means we only work with the best of the best. Michael, a world-class designer helped us take all the feedback from the community and make them all functional and match the style we were going after.

Upright-Standing Design: Designed for convenience, the bag effortlessly stands upright on its own for easy packing and unpacking. No more toppling over and scrambling to pick up scattered gear.

Dual Heavy-duty Fence Hooks: With heavy-duty hanging clips, this backpack can be securely attached to a fence, keeping your belongings elevated and easily accessible at the court.

YKK Zippers: High-quality and trusted YKK zippers ensure durability and smooth operation, providing reliable closure and easy access to all compartments. Nothing is worse than a terrible zipper.

Detachable Shoe Cube/Extra Storage Bag: Fits size 14 shoes. The bag includes a separate compartment designed specifically for soiled clothes, shoes, or other extra items. Keeping them isolated and preserving the cleanliness of the rest of your gear.

detachable shoe cube

Court Surface-resistant Bottom Material: Courts are rougher than sandpaper. The bag's bottom is made of court surface-resistant material called Textured TPU-coated nylon, reducing wear and tear and enhancing its durability so you can feel confident in placing it on the ground.

court resistant bottom

Dual Anti-theft/secret pockets: Keep your valuables secure with a cleverly integrated anti-theft pocket. Hidden away from view, this secret pocket provides additional peace of mind.

Back panel security pocket

Comfortable back padding and straps: The backpack features comfortable back EVA molded padding and ergonomically designed straps, reducing strain and ensuring maximum comfort even when your bag is loaded up with all your Pickleball gear.

back panel padding

Bag name tag for your name/information: A convenient bag name tag allows for easy identification and adds a personal touch.

ID card slot

Easy Acces Pockets on top for easy access to keys, etc.: A handy fleece-lined top pocket provides quick, easy access to essentials like keys, ensuring they're always within reach.

fleece lined pocket


Keyring + Bottle opener: A built-in keyring ensures you'll never lose track of your keys, providing a designated spot for them. Oh, and crack open a cold one while you're at it if that's your thing.

bottle opener

Large Waterproof Pocket: For items like sunscreen, lotion, chapstick, etc. If it leaks, have peace of mind that it won't get all over your paddles and backpack.

waterproof pocket


Top and handles: A sturdy top grab handle makes it easy to pick up and carry the bag short distances, adding an extra element of convenience.

Dual Hypalon Towel Rings: A dedicated ring for towels provides a secure and easily accessible spot to hang your towel while playing.

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