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G.O.A.T. Pickleball

Tifosi - RIVET

Tifosi - RIVET

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Whether you're cycling, running, golfing, or dominating the pickleball court, having the right gear is essential for peak performance. When it comes to eyewear, Rivet steps up to the plate, ensuring you have the coverage you need for your sport.

Cyclists And Runners: Lightweight Design, Custom Fit
For cyclists and runners, Rivet's lightweight design at only 28 grams and custom fit make it the ideal companion for long rides or runs. Shatterproof lenses offer protection against wind, debris, and UV rays. Smaller lens vents prevent fogging, ensuring clear vision even during the most intense workouts.

Golfers: Sleek Design, Enliven™ Lens Technology
Golfers, rejoice! Rivet's sleek design not only complements your style on the course but also provides excellent protection against the sun's harmful rays. Choose the Enliven™ golf color-enhancing lens to elevate your game—perfect for seeing every detail on the green and tracking the ball with ease. Adjustable nose and earpieces ensure a comfortable fit, even on hot, sweaty days. The perfect golf shades for an afternoon on the course.

Pickleball Players: Durable Polycarbonate Lenses
For pickleball players, Rivet boasts the durability of polycarbonate lenses. Shatterproof and game-ready, these lenses let you focus on the match without worrying about eyewear damage. Smaller lens vents maintain clear vision, even when the action heats up.

Versatile Performance, Stylish Design
No matter your sport, Rivet is the ultimate choice for those seeking reliable, high-performance protective eyewear that seamlessly combines style and function. From the road to the court, Rivet has you covered, ensuring you can perform at your best without compromising on looks.

Rivet prescription sunglasses are available as well

  • LENS ➤ Shatterproof polycarbonate lens
  • LENS TECHNOLOGY ➤ Vented lenses increase airflow to help prevent fogging and offer UVA/UVB protection.
  • ULTRA LIGHT FRAME ➤ Only 28 grams made of Grilamid TR-90, durable and lightweight for all day comfort.
  • FRAME TECHNOLOGY ➤ Fully adjustable nose & ear pads, hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pads that increase grip the more you sweat.
  • IDEAL FOR ➤ Cycling 🚲, Golf ⛳, Hiking 🥾, Running 👟, Tennis & Pickleball 🎾
  • FIT ➤ Medium - Large
  • INCLUDED ➤ Zippered Hardshell Case & Microfiber Cleaning Bag
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