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G.O.A.T. Pickleball

Steele Pickleball The Creator - Aramid Fiber Paddle

Steele Pickleball The Creator - Aramid Fiber Paddle

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Step into the realm of The Creator

Our game-changing 100% Aramid Fiber pickleball paddle, crafted to elevate your game. Unleash the power of creation with each swing as the Aramid Fiber delivers pop, unstoppable strength, and incredible durability. With every reset, feel the Creator's dynamic construction, harnessing the energy of Aramid Fiber to unleash unmatched responsiveness on the court. Dominate every rally with confidence, guided by the Aramid Fiber technology. Let the Creator paddle be your muse, sculpting your pickleball game one shot at a time.

This advanced hybrid paddle offers a 100% Aramid surface, PP honeycomb Core, Laminated Form/Thermoformed Process.

Surface material: Aramid Fiber surface face

Surface finish: UV Printing.

Core Material: polymer honeycomb core,

Core Thickness: 16mm.

Paddle Thickness: 19mm.

Paddle Size: 16.49*7.48in.

Paddle Weight:8.2-8.4 oz

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