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ProDrive Drive White

ProDrive Drive White

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All our Drive paddles are the pinnacle of paddle design. This 19mm paddle offers everything you would look for in a paddle. The touch/control of a 19mm ,with the power of a thinner paddle due to the revolutionary 3 layer core. The inner and outer layers are Polypropylene (PP) and the center layer is Aramid. When the center layer is compressed with a faster swing, the Aramid kicks in to add the power you are looking for.


The Pink Drive is made in the same fashion as the Carbon Drive, but with an added layer of specialized grit paint for the potential of even more spin. It also gives a softer touch for dinks and drops.


All of our Drive paddles are thermoformed with a unibody design, so the paddle is all one piece. You will not find a paddle with a bigger sweet spot or as our pro’s like to say, there are not any dead spots.


Our Drive paddles are equipped with a natural leather grip and the Drive comes with a free cover.

Construction: PP Honeycomb + Aramid Honeycomb + PP Honeycomb
Weight: 8.5 oz +/- .02 oz
Length: 16.4 inches
Width: 7.6 inches
Thickness: 19 mm
Surface: Toray 700 Raw Carbon Fiber - Grit Paint
Handle length: 5.3 inches
Grip Size: 4 1/8

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